Knowing of the Bare Essentials On ADA Restroom Signs

19 Dec

If you are in the construction industry, design of facilities and building management, you need to know of the applicable and relevant rules and guidelines regarding ADA signs. This is looking at the fact that state and federal laws have been enacted that call for all facilities to ensure that these facilities are in compliance with the Act, and in case of failure in compliance or violation, this will result in penalties. As such we will be taking an overview of some of the basics that you need to know of when it comes ADA signs for the restrooms so as to allow you an insight into some of the bare essentials that you need to know of. Alongside this, you need to note the fact that it would as well be as prudent of you to get the Image360 services of a vendor who is well abreast in the ADA and as such help you with the input that you need for you to design in such a manner that indeed conforms to the Act.

When it comes to the ADA signs, the one thing that you need to know of is that the height and the location matter as much. Federal ADA sign requirements stipulate the need for the installation of the ADA signs so as to help those who happen to be suffering from visual impairments find the right restroom in a facility, more so in the public facilities and amenities. Apart from the Braille and tactile text needs for the ADA signs, they as well must meet the specific height and location requirements to be of help to such persons suffering from such impairments, physically. You need to note the fact that the ADA sign requirements and rules actually vary from one state to another and as such the need to have an expert vendor who understands all that goes into ADA sign mounting so as to ensure that you satisfy the requirements as set by law. Some of the general guidelines in so far as the mounting of the ADA signs go are such as have been mentioned below. To know more, check it out! 

One, you need to note the fact that when mounting these signs, they must by regulation be mounted on the latch side of the door. As for the mounting heights, there are minimums and maximums as measured from the finished floor to the bottom line of the text, the minimum being 48 inches and a maximum of 60 inches. 

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